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Special Treatment

Three religious men (A Franciscan, a Dominican and a Jesuit) died at the same time. They all went to heaven. The Franciscan was welcomed by St. Peter and had heaven's best cook serve him a special meal. The Franciscan was very happy.

The Domican arrived and was welcomed by St. Peter and had heaven's chef and a team of culinary experts cook for him. The Domincan was elated.

Then the Jesuit arrived. St. Peter, like he did to the other two, welcomed him. This time, God the Father himself did the cooking and serving. This puzzled the first two and protested about the special treatment to the last comer.

Peter explained, "We have too many Franciscans and Dominicans already. He is our first !"

contributed by Fr. JBoy Gonzales, SJ

Trivia: With the canonization of Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga on October 23, 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, the Society of Jesus now has a total of 51 saints and 147 blesseds and a host of martyrs. See, even if we are all sinners, we still have saints!


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    Funny...particularly because it looks like the person who contributed the story is a Jesuit!


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