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Have you ever heard of a Jesuit laughing? Funny, isn't it?

Oh, My Goodness!

A Greek Orthodox, and Evangelical, and a Jesuit are doing an archeological dig in Jerusalem. They come across a Tomb that says, in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, "Here lies Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed he was King of the Jews, and was executed at Passover under Pontius Pilate".

Excited by the find, they open the tomb, only to be horrified to find a crucified body.

"Oh my goodness," says the Orthodox. "The Church and all the good it does is based on a false event."

"Oh my goodness," says the Evangelical. "The Bible, which has guided by entire life, is nothing but a lie."

"Oh my goodness," says the Jesuit. "There really was a Jesus."

This joke which I googled up from the internet disturbed a reader as to the nature and identity of the Society of Jesus. If you know who the Jesuits are, you would believe that this is just a joke. If you don't know them, Oh my goodness!, isn't it about time to know them?

You can begin you here.


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  • At 7:57 AM, Blogger Ligaya said…


    Seriously though, didn't think any of the Jesuits would have very self-depreciating Pinoy-style humour. v^_^0

  • At 8:28 AM, Blogger Marco said…

    It's a joke with much truth to it these days.


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