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Just Like Medicine

A Jesuit regent who taught at a high school once asked his students what a homily was for them. One answered that it was an explanation to the Gospel. Another said it was a commentary to a feast day celebration. Then another said it was an occasion to stress moral teachings or doctrines of the Church. One particular student struck the teacher as having the most promising answer when he said, "It's like medicine."

The young teacher was intrigued, trying to hide his amusement, he asked the student why he thought so. The student casually remarked, "Because you know it makes you well but at the same time makes you feel drowsy."

Shared by Sch. Francis Alvarez, SJ


  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger Masiyahin said…

    Hi to all the Pinoy Jesuits we know (incl. Fr. Eli, Fr. Bustamante, Roy Ragas, Jason Dy, 2 Xaviers - Olin & Alpasa, Weng Bava, & of course, Cis Alvarez). ^_^ Won't be able to visit you anytime in the near future (Wash. DC's a bit too far away to pop into Sacred Heart Novitiate for a visit) but our prayers are with you and for your vocations! If anyone comes over to our neck of the woods, please let us know.
    This is such a funny site! Will be checking in once in a while. Ingat lagi! You can email us at planaalcuaz at yahoo. CARO & RED ALCUAZ

  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger sonoftheprodigal said…

    thanks for dropping by. if you have funny jesuit anecdotes, send them in so we can have them published.

    God bless!!! Keep laughing.

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger Tomaso Spingardi said…

    I am tomaso spingardi and i work with the italian jesuits in international cooperation. I agree that humour is very important. to bring cheer, to remain young, to foster the team spirit. I would like to congratulate you because this site is very good, refreshing and creative.

    Tomaso Spingardi

  • At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Ayn said…

    Hi! I think you don't update the funny stories here anymore. But I still do remember this site when I encounter funny stuffs about or from Jesuits. I just read something cool today from this site:

    It is in the latter part of Ambassador Jose Zaide's article.
    I hope you can also add his story(actually told by Fr. Reuter, SJ!)

    Here it is:

    The story is "about a sinner who had come for confession after so many years. For penance, he was told to pray the rosary.

    “I’m sorry, Father, I have been away so long… I do not know how to say the rosary,” the penitent pleaded.

    “Then, you can say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory…” the priest reduced the penance.

    “I also do not remember those prayers, Father…it’s been so long…”

    “But what do you know, son…?”

    “Maybe…maybe…I still know the Angelus…?”

    “Good, the Angelus then…” said the priest.

    The penitent knelt in front of the altar, meditating deeply and waiting for 6 o’clock vespers. At the stroke of 6, the priest saw his penitent… sway left-and-right, and pray loudly, “Bong!…bong!…bong…!”

    * * *

    If that’s not funny, blame Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ, who told the story at our retreat during Loyola Heights days."

    If you have heard it already I hope you'll still have a good time remembering it! :)

    Thanks and God bless always!


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